In order to gauge project management software’s capabilities, the individual has to scan through the advantages and disadvantages of the respective software and then comparing the software with other available project management software. Evaluation of the software in terms of matching requirements is also important. Noting down the requirements with respect to the functionality the software would be very beneficial as the organization can accordingly search the software and eliminate the irrelevant choices. This is important as the project management software market is huge and highly competitive with products coming in market day in day out.

Communication between the teams or department irrespective of geographical location will increase the efficiency and transparency. Management of task between the team and their members can be done very easily. The tracking or monitoring feature allows team members to see the progress, deadlines, cost, priorities and resources with respect to the project. Due to management and tracking features, each and every individual are accountable to their seniors.

If one of the members does not complete the work as per the deadline, the other members suffer. Every team needs a leader to whom the members would report. Without a team leader everybody in a team would work on their own i.e. without any co-ordination which will lead to delay in completion of project and additional cost for the project. Data and action relevant to the project are recorded in the system due to which everything is crystal clear and transparent.

The implementation time required by the software is very less and the quality of the finished product is way better. The team productivity or the efficiency increases to new altitude. The documentation related to the project is always available as each minute detail is been documented. The collaboration i.e. assigning task and controlling task between the team members takes place in real time mode. The cost, risk of the project can be managed by viewing the progressing through the software. The installation of the developed software is very easily done. The project management software is available at moderate prices due to high competition. The support service provided by the organization is very qualified and attentive.

Possible Disadvantages
If the ongoing project is very, very small project then investing in project management software is an additional overhead to the cost. Due to high investment, the project budget will increase. The maintenance and implementation will also be higher and if the products are sold individually rather than a single bundle it may result in lot of money being invested in. The interface provided by the software might be very poor and not at user-friendly. It is inconvenient, ugly and overloaded with loads of functions that are irrelevant. The quality of the software is poor as it contains too many bugs and error. The customer support service provided by the organization is very careless and is not promising in any terms as no replies are received in reference to the problems faced by the customers.